Communications Equipment Rental

If you need communications equipment continuously or from time to time, then rental is for you! Enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, without the equipment purchase and maintenance concerns.

Rental Advantages

  • Flexible solutions for short-, medium- or long-term rental
  • On-demand service, 24/7
  • Technical assistance for all our solutions
  • All types of equipment are available for rental
  • No inventory to manage
  • Tax-deductible rental fees
  • Continuous maintenance service
  • Equipment substitution while under contract

A worry-free solution!

The Right Equipment

Whatever your needs, Groupe CLR has the expertise to advise you on choosing the right equipment. Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM… we stock all models from major telecommunications manufacturers.

  • Handheld or mobile radios
  • Pagers
  • Satellite telephones
  • Radio-telephone services on pre-established radio networks for out-back areas. Call us for our territorial radio coverage maps.

An Ideal Solution for Event Organizers

location-equipement-evenementsMajor events require instant, reliable communication between all key players. Groupe CLR has the expertise and the equipment to make your events a success.

  • Radios for all types of events
  • On-site technical support
  • Quick delivery

Run the show…
and leave the rest to Groupe CLR!